About Us

Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation(IIF) Basic Principle

Invests in infrastructure and industrial properties that and the source of the Japanese economy, and support Japanese industry from a real estate grand point.

We are a recently incorporated Japanese investment corporation (tōshi hōjin) formed to own and operate real properties. This type of investment corporation is commonly referred to as a J-REIT. We were established on March 26, 2007 under the Investment Trust Law. Our asset manager is Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc.

We are the first J-REIT focused on acquiring and operating both industrial and infrastructure properties in Japan—properties that play a vital role in the Japanese economy, and for which we expect to see stable demand in the mid to long term. With respect to industrial properties, we intend to invest in a more diverse portfolio of properties, including manufacturing and research and development facilities.

IIF entered into an asset management agreement with Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. for asset management services. The Asset Manager, which is the first cross-border J-REIT asset management company, is owned 51% by Mitsubishi Corporation and 49% by UBS Asset Management AG.
Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. will strive to achieve stable cash flow by selecting and investing the diversified retail properties based on IIF's investment policy.