Number of Properties67

Total Acquisition Price275,664mn Yen

Occupancy Ratio99.6



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Image Property Name
Acquisition Date
Building DateBuilding Age (y.m) *2
Leasable Area (m2)*3
Acquisition Price (mn YEN)
Latest Appraisal Value (mn YEN)*4
Tenant (s)*5
No. of Tenants
Occupancy Ratio(%)*6
(%) (%) Major Tenant(s)



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*1 As of Fiscal Period ended January 31, 2019.
*2 As described in the property register.
*3 "Leasable area" means the leasable area of the building or land of each property indicated in the lease agreement, except for IIF Shinsuna Logistics Center of which leasable area shows a total area of the building indicated in the registry book. Furthermore, "Leasable area" of IIF Narashino Logistics Center II is total of the leasable area of the leased land and that of the building on the leased land.
*4 "Latest Appraisal value" shows the value researched by the real estate appraiser in accordance with the methods and standard of assets valuation as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of IIF as well as the regulations as stipulated by The Investment Trusts Association, Japan. Appraisal value date is as of January 31, 2019
*5 "Occupancy ratio" (percentage of leased area against the leasable area) is calculated by rounding to the nearest first decimal place.
*6 IIF owns 53% of the trust beneficial interest in IIF Shinonome Logistics Center. The leasable area of the property shows 53% of the total leasable area as the share of co-ownership.
*7 With regard to IIF Narashino Logistics Center II, the Investment Corporation invests in both the land with leasehold interest (the lessee of leased land is the trustee with respect to the building of the property) and building with leasehold interest of the property in form of the trust beneficial interests separately. Therefore, "Leasable area" of the property shows total of the leasable area of the leased land (58,070.00 m2) and that of the building on the leased land (25,835.16 m2).