Corporate Governance

Matters Regarding Governance

The Investment Corporation will have one or more executive directors and two or more supervisory directors (the number of the supervisory directors will be the number of the executive directors plus 1 or more) Please click here to see Board of Directors.
As of the date of this Report, the organization of the Investment Corporation consists of the general meeting of unitholders, composed of unitholders, and one executive director, three supervisory directors, the board of directors, and one accounting auditor.
The organization of IIF
  • General Meeting of Unitholders
  • Executive Director, Supervisory Directors and Board of Directors
  • Accounting Auditor
  • Organization, Members, and Procedures Regarding Internal Management and Supervision by Supervisory Directors
  • Internal Management, Supervision by Supervisory Officers and Mutual Cooperation with Accounting Auditor
  • Development of Control System by Investment Corporation against Related Entities