Apr. 06, 2015 PR

IIF Kobe Logistics Center to Start the Operation of Mega Solar Power Generation System

IIF hereby announces that at one of its properties, IIF Kobe Logistics Center (Kobe City, Hyogo) (the "Property"), IIF has entered into rooftop lease agreement with Orix Corporation and started the operation of solar power generation system with maximum output of 1,100 kW (1.1 MW).

The project was conducted with the cooperation of a tenant of the Property, NISSIN Corporation and its consignor, Toys "R" Us-Japan, Ltd.

Summary of the solar power generation system
The projected annual power generation is 1,296,185 kWh, which is equivalent to the annual power consumption of approximately 243 general households (*1).  
Power Generation Capacity: 1.1 MW
CO2 Emission Reduction: Approximately 653,925 kg CO2/kWh/year (*1) (equivalent to the amount of photosynthesis in 1,831,723 sqm of forested land in Japan (*2))
Oil Consumption Reduction: Approximately 294,233 L/year (*1)

Solar power generation system is installed to five properties owned by IIF, including the Property (IIF Tosu Logistics Center, IIF Misato Logistics Center, IIF Hiroshima Logistics Center and IIF Koshigaya Logistics Center). The total power-generating capacity is approximately 3.36 MW and the projected annual power generation amount is 3,716,000 kWh, which is equivalent to the annual power consumption of approximately 700 general households (*1).  

Sources (published in Japanese language and following titles are translation of the original titles):
*1: Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA), "Self-Regulatory Rule in Presentation 2014"
*2: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), "Guidebook for Installing Solar Power Generation System 2000"


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